Tattoos the fashion fad on the block

cool tatoos

As you open your cupboard to get dressed for the day, you are always haunted with this thought what to wear? And you have this never ending crib that you have nothing to put on! Well women are the worst affected by this syndrome, reason being that they are more conscious about their looks and second they cannot see themselves for long in the same type of attire. Even men are bitten by this bug and keeping them top notch is always on their cards as well. However, apart from all the conventional means of fashion, one trend which has always attracted people specially the ones who like to experiment is the artistic world of tattoos.

The tattoo Mania

There is no rule book of designs for tattoos; you can get an imprint of anything and everything which you desire. And the way it is said clothes are a reflection of your personality, the same way a tattoo gives an insight of your inner thoughts. Earlier tattoos were generally seen on hippies and junkies who were considered not part of the crowd but today tattoos are a part of majority of the people. Today they are being adorned by models, sportsmen and common people like you and me.

The design euphoria

When one goes about selecting a tattoo design, one should be very sure while making the pick. The reason being that once imprinted you cannot remove the permanent tattoo easily. Thus to be on the safer side, one goes about picking a small design and even if you get bored after a while it can be easily covered by clothes. The most sought after designs are of stars, girls prefer the butterfly, love hearts and of course the Scorpio.

Creativity also goes in deciding the location of the imprint as to where it will make the most startling impression. Just think for a while, a girl with flowing hair wearing a beautiful tight waist top and just above the jeans there is a beautiful tattoo of a butterfly or a heart on her belly. What an oomph statement it creates and surely makes heads turn. On the other hand men generally prefer their biceps imprinted. People also prefer their zodiac signs imprinted. Animals, flora n fauna imprints are also the most wanted take and if by chance you come across a racing fanatic, you are sure to find a car or a bike tattoo on his body.

The way people are crazy for the tattoo, the same way people also get bored soon with the same design. Moods change, tastes change and likes as well change. Well the only solution can be modifying the design or getting it removed if possible.  Incase you do decide to get the tatoo removed, Melbourne Tattoo Removal provides you with options.

Solutions can as well be many. All one needs to do is, zero in on the best option available.

Cool Party Venues

Interesting dining

Whatever the occasion, planning a party is really easy once you have the basics taken care of.

So what’s the most important part of the party? Food and drinks followed by the venue. Decor is important and so is entertainment but not as important as the choice of a venue that matches the taste of your guests.

The location should meet your budget and comfortably accommodate all the guests. Seating for a considerable number should be kept in mind when selecting a venue.

Venues can make or break an event. A rooftop party can fall quite flat if it is too windy or it rains. An indoor party in a funky room can be quite a drag it the guests barely get space to move about. Too large an area with fewer guests can be equally boring.

You can select between a private rooms in a restaurant, a rented mansion, a friends place and so on. Before you send out the invites and book the venue keep a few things in mind so that you have the perfect location for a really cool party.

View the facilities offered.

  • Check on parking space. Would it be adequate to accommodate the guests?
  • The size of the room matters. It should be large enough to take in seating for a large number.
  • Check the condition of the interiors: the carpet, the paint, lighting etc.
  • Check out easy accessibility to a restroom.

Explore all catering options.

Check the menu options as well as serving size. The choice of food should gel with the taste of most of your guests. Pick out the right mix once you have sample tasted the choices available. Check the serving size. A party can fall quite flat if there is a shortage of food and drinks. Venues like The London Club provide a delicious combination of Euro chic food and tapas makes the club a fantastic all-round dining experience.

The London Club is designed to “introduce a bit of euro chic to a burgeoning and dynamic precinct”.  This luxurious bar is designed with a funky theme. For those who love their drink this bar provides a wide range. The drinks menu is “packed full of Fine Wines, Imported Spirits, French champagne, over 40 Australian Craft beers & Ciders and pages of impressive cocktails”.

Check out the History of the Venue

Before hiring a venue check out the history of the venue. Find out how many events have been organized in the venue so far. Check if any problems have been reported – like neighbours requesting a shutdown of the event etc. You can help avoid any unseen mishaps by a little background check before you actually book the site.

Keep guest size in mind

Your venue should not be too small or too large for your guests. If too small, then your guests will feel discomfort. If it is too large the guests will hardly interact and you will end up paying more than required.

Trendy Homes

Trends in design

Designing your house or a commercial space needs some effort and involvement from your side. It is not so difficult to design a house, considering that a variety of options are available through numerous interior magazines. Who does not want a house designed just like the ones we see in movies or magazines – fully equipped with state-of-the-art-technology and looking as lavish as those seen on print. All the distinctive elements and exceptional amenities offer grandeur which can only be found in elite dream houses.

We demand masterful craftsmanship with the finest of materials with trendy decorations; all of this doesn’t come easy it needs your full attention and complete details. With the entire grand elements like the connoisseur–kitchen, leading-edge home theatres, high roofs are easily identifiable in an exceptional luxury home. Along with these luxuries come posh feature like a library, music rooms and not to miss-  a  home elevator.  A home elevator is one of the important amenities in a modern day structure. When designing a dream home these are just a few thing in mind. These posh elements add to a complete look and feel of a swanky house.

Choosing an elevator may not be very easy for most people. A growing trend is the use of an elevator within the house. Other than providing comfort of mobility, elevators come with various designs. This is an added advantage for the ones who are looking for rented accommodations with luxuries. Most home elevators come with safety fittings. If not unnecessarily tampered with they are easily fitted and very safe to use in he house.

The maintenance of elevators is not too high. Elevators require a biyearly maintenance which would generally would cost about $150 to $250. This amount includes all the routine safety checks.

Other than the safety measures the look also matters when it comes to the aesthetics of home design. Grant Home Elevators has a good range of safety compliant and well designed elevators. They can look beautiful and function as well as they look. Some of the trends in elevators are the use of glass door. This works well in small spaces and look good with the overall decor of the house,  be it  a granite flooring, a marble flooring or a wood finish. Even the handrails are matched with entire look with bronze handrails the most in demand. Some builders also use elevators with normal plywood and jazz it up as per individual tastes.

Good food, Good Wine and Good Conversation

Good dining

For most people “Friday” is the best day of the week. The weekend  stretches before you with tons of time to run errands, fix stuff, and top on the list – to meet friends and step out.

We all have friends that we meet on a regular basis and friends we have not met for a long time. What better way to meet up than over a drink. One of the nicest ways to spend an evening is with beer, wine and good conversation.

Ambience matters a lot. A nice place with good music suited to your taste, well designed interiors that set the mood for interesting conversations and good choice of food and drinks to end the day are what we need for an entertaining evening. Many bars list various features like rooftop, outdoor spaces, beer garden, jazz, live music, wine, lounge, balcony, whisky and happy hours.

A number of drinking bars dot the city and there is no dearth of places to go. Burnett Lane is the go-to for cosy micro bars. For a feel of old charm try out bar Ryan’s at the Treasury Hotel. You get the feeling of being a part of an Agatha Christie Novel.

George St The Villager has a multi level bar including g a late night supper bar. The bar is set between the brick walls of another old treasury building.

Move to Brisbane and you have an interesting concept in The Beer InCider Social Club. The club gives beer connoisseurs’ an option of appreciating the boutique beer and cider.

The Oxford Hotel exudes a cosy, rustic charm, which you experience from the moment you enter the front lounge which wraps around a unique sunken cellar with original limestone walls and timbered ceiling. If ambience is your thing then the Function Centre  has the same fabulous architecture and matching ambience. Step up to the main bar or wander outside to the Brickworks Garden Bar and Café, Perth’s only fully enclosed Garden Bar.

The weekend is around the corner and the fun begins. So go ahead and catch up with friends over a glass of wine, champagne or whatever suits your palette.